Carpet Cleaning – Our Complete Step by Step Process

1. Inspection

  • Examine what condition is the carpet to ensure that the carpet not get damage in the cleaning process.
  • Checking what fibre is made from to chose the right cleaning solution and process.
  • Checking soil and stains to find out what will be the best combination of cleaning detergents to get the best results and leave your carpets spotless.

2. Cleaning

  • Comb pile with our special toll. This process helps to release matted pile and get a better results in the next step.

3. Vacuuming the carpet. One of the main processes extract grit, dust and other dry soil.

  • Stains remove (please let us know if you have any stains to be remover beforehand for right pricing)

4. Pre Spray the carpets with the combination of product to remove the greasy soil and traffic lanes.

5. Deep cleaning usually done with the hot water extraction machine.

In this process the carpets are deep cleaned with the hot water/steam and specialy mixed products to leave the carpet clean and smells nice. We are equipped with the different tools and we can get to difficult areas of the carpet like corners, small under stairs areas etc…

6. Realign pile and leave the carpet to dry.

The carpets usually dry within 2-3 hours depending on this how long is the pile and what cleaning process was used. We do not recomend to walk on the wet carpet specially for your own safety and if you walk on the carpets drying time can be longer as the strait pile is crashed when you walk on.