1. Kitchen cupboards are cleaned starting on the top of them usually lots of grease and dirt sitting on them. Next step is to clean the presses inside to remove all the marks from cans, oils etc… and leave them clean. Last step is to clean the doors and the door handles to give the kitchen sparkles look.
  2. Splashback is usually greasy around the hob, extractor and the sink. So we are making sure that the grout is cleaned and the tiles are cleaned and shine up.
  3. Countertop and all the appliances including the kettle, toaster and microwave cleaned
  4. Fridge and freezer cleaned inside with all the shellws drawers and the seal around the door. Outside of the fridge cleaned and shine up (please empty before the cleaning)
  5. Oven, hob and extractor fan/hood cleaning Dishwasher cleaning all around the door including the door seal and the outside washing machine cleaning all around the door including the door seal, drawer (I dont know the name) and the outside cleaning
  6. Cleaning of kitchen table and chairs


  1. Thorough cleaning of tiling and grouting. Grout between the tiles in the shower bath usually change the colour and mould is starting to build up so we make sure that all the grout and tiles and properly cleaned, desinfected and shine up.
  2. Bath and shower cleaning. Starting from the glass door where the hard water building up the white residue. then shower head and faucet. After the cleaning we make sure that all is polished and looks sparkling
  3. Sink and faucet cleaned all the residue arounf the faucet cleaned and all shine up afterwards
  4. Toilet is cleaned and desinfected including the toilet seat and flush
  5. Cleaning of bathroom cabinets, shelves, mirrors, etc.
  6. Fan or vent cleaning


  1. Cleaning of wardrobes inside and the doors both side(please empty before the cleaning)
  2. Cleaning of bedside cabinets inside and outside (please make sure is empty)
  3. Bed frame cleaning
    Living/dining room
  4. Vacuuming sofas and armchairs
  5. TV stand cleaning
  6. Coffee table cleaning
  7. Cleaning of cabinets, shelves, bookshelves, etc.
    Whole internal cleaning
  8. Cleaning doors, door frames, skirting boards, window sills, balustrades we hover first and all the woodwork is washed after
  9. Cleaning of mirrors, paintings, picture frames, etc.
  10. Cleaning of chandeliers, light switches, sockets
  11. Vent cleaning
  12. Vacuuming and mopping floors (if you require a deep cleaning of the floor please let us know)