Oven Cleaning – Our Complete Step by Step Process

1. Preparing the work place.

  • Safety check ensure that the oven is completely off while we work on it
  • Cover the floor with a special thick and waterproof mat to make sure nothing will splash on the floor and we can use as a work space to put on the mat parts of the oven, bucket with the water, tool box etc…

Nothing will be put on your floor or cook top.

We do not use your sink in the cleaning process. We just need access to water.

2. Preparing the oven for cleaning.

  • Remove all doors and the door seal from the oven
  • Remove racks and trays out of the oven
  • Remove the back panel and the fan
  • Light cover is removed and the bulb replaced on request

3. Cleaning process

Oven door are unscrew and put in parts. We clean all the parts with a special degreaser to make sure that all the grease is removed. All parts are properly washed then shine up and polish to give the door a sparkling look.
Inside of the oven is scraped with a special scraper to remove the carbon from the walls and floor of the oven.

Next step is to apply special solution depending on the stage of the oven we use lighter and stronger solution. After a while when the cleaning product starts to work we are finishing the cleaning and polishing inside surfaces.
Racks, trays and the back panel are clean on the back of our van to do the dirtiest job out of your house. Our vans are equipped with a special deep tank with boiling water to make sure that all the carbon and grease is totally removed.At the end of this process all the parts are washed and shine up.
Light cover is cleaned to give you more light when you put the oven as usually the covers are full of carbon and not giving you enough light when you are cooking.

4. Assembling the oven back.

We check all the parts again to make sure that they are cleaned properly and if some of the parts need to be touched up this is done before putting all the parts back to the oven.
Installing the seal and the oven door back.
Safety check. Put the oven on make sure that is all working and ready to use



  • Cover the bottom with the special oven mat (you can get one in the market). Do not put the aluminum foil as if you leave it for so long can damage the shine cover from the metal specially some of the ovens have the heating element underneath. We seen this happen lots of times in the customer ovens.
  • When you are cooking meath use the bags to minimalize the splashes
  • Wipe every time u use
  • When the oven gets a litlle bit greasy put the hot resistant container with the water and put the oven on for a maximum temperature for about half hour that will melt the grease and you maybe only have to wipe down with the cloth or use stainless steel scrubber with a little bit of washing up liquid to remove the greas and carbon. Remember Don’t use the Stainless Steel Scrubber on the glass door only on the metal parts.
  • How to clean the glass? Buy in the hardware shop glass scraper or maybe you have one home if you have the ceramic hob you should have one as when you are buying new hob comes with the scraper. Scrape down all the small splashes and then u can use the cloth with glass cleaner to shine up.

You can buy the products from the shop shelf and try to clean the oven. Remember to put the heavy duty gloves and protect your eyes before start. Also read the label and go by the instruction.