3 Bedrooms, Stairs & Landing


What does this service include?

Two double bedrooms
Max size of the each room 3m x 4m / 9.9ft x 13.1ft
(12 square meters / 120 Square Feet )

One single bedroom
Max size of the room 2.5m x 3m / 8.2ft x 9.9ft
(7,5 square meters / 80 Square Feet )

Stairs and landing
Stairs up to 15 steps (step maximum width 80cm)
Landing Max size 1.5m x 2m / 4.9ft x 6.6ft
(3 square meters / 32.3 Square Feet )

*Carpet cleaning does not include stain removal. Please contact us for more details. Stain removal service is priced individually.